Yoga Classes

Iyengar Yoga
Classes are based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, one of the most influential and respected yogis of our time. Iyengar Yoga emphasizes alignment with systematic intelligence of the body and builds strength and flexibility through precise and mindful work in the asana (posture.)

Nichole is a Junior Intermediate 2 certified Iyengar teacher; Lauren is a Intro. 2 certified teacher , all other instructors are working toward certification.


Class Levels

Level I: Beginners to yoga and learning about Iyengar Yoga with the emphasis on standing poses, seated and light twists, also working on shoulderstand.




Level I/II: Students who have had some previous yoga either other styles or Iyengar yoga a need a little refreshing of the understanding on doing yoga the Iyengar way.


Level II: Students that are strong in standing poses and have a good foundation of yoga, we will be working on shoulderstand and also moving toward headstand (sirsasana).


Level-1-Sequence B.pdf


IYNAUS-SEQ for intermediate student.pdf

Level II-III: strong in inversions moving into more complex poses and has a strong home practice.(you need permission form Nichole to join this class


Ageless: Students who want to increase their flexibility and strength but have physical limitations due to an injury or illness or other special challenges will benefit from this class. Students will be guided through a practice using various supports at a pace that is safe and effective to meet each student's needs and abilities. Each class will incorporate active as well as restorative asanas to help reduce stress and increase mobility and balance


Restorative/Pranayama: Come and learn how to relax and rejuvenate yourself as you let go of the external world and look within. Pranayama is the art of taking a concentrated effort to control our breath patterns to bring in vital energy


Immune Sequence.pdf